Egyptian Event Europe 2017


We would like to heartly welcome all breeders, friends and lovers of the
Straight Egyptian Horse to the 2017 Egyptian Event Europe
- this year for the first time on the grounds of the Castle "Dyck" !


- Click here to see the brochure of the venue -




Saturday 26.08.2017

10:00 Seminar with Judith Forbis and time for discussions
13:00 Start of The Egyptian Event Show Classes
Yearling Fillies + Championship
2-year old Fillies
3-year old Fillies
Mares 4-6 years old
Mares 7-9 years old

Mares 10 years + older
Most Classic Head Mares
Amateur Class Mares
Ridden Costume Class

16:00 Stallion Parade

Breeders Party with BBQ at the Restaurant / Hotel ,,Remise'' venue Castle Dyck



Sunday, 27.08.2016

10:00 Start of the Egyptian Event Show Classes
Yearling Colts + Championships
2-year old Colts
3-year old Colts
Stallions 4-6 years old

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break

Stallions 7-9 years old
Stallions 10 years + older
Most Classic Head Stallions
Ridden Costume Class


Junior Fillies
Junior Colts
Senior Mares
Senior Stallions

Special Awards
Best European Breeder
Best Breeder Worldwide
Best Sire
Best European Horse
Best in Show-  Female
Best in Show - Males

Monday 28.08.2017 - 11:00 - 20:00 at Shams Stables, Lochem / NL
For further information please visit


Tuesday,  29.08.-  Thursday, 31.08. 2017
Farm Tours in Germany:

This year we don’t start our studfarm tour the next day after the Event but one day later.
The Monday after the Event our member Mahmoud Anzarouti invites us for the Noble Egyptian Arabian Horse
Festival to Lochem in Sham Stable. There will be a shuttle from Düsseldorf and back.

Our tour starts on Tuesday 29th of August at 9 a.m. in front of the Hotel Fire&Ice and ends on Thursday
afternoon at the airport Düsseldorf.


Tuesday  29th of August                     09         a.m.     Departure Fire & Ice Düsseldorf

                                               Ca.      12        a.m.     Stud Kauber Platte

                                               Ca.      16        p.m.     Black Smoke Arabians, Thomas Meyer

                                               Ca.      20        p.m.     Hotel near Karlsruhe

Wednesday 30th of August                 09          a.m.   Departure Hotel

                                               Ca.      11        a,m.     Classic Egyptian Arabians, Family Poth

                                                           14        p.m.    Haupt-und-Landgestüt Marbach

                                               Ca.      20        p.m.     Hotel near Pforzheim

Thursday  31st of August                     09         a.m.    Departure Hotel

                                               ca.       10        a.m.     Claudia Jährig Asile stallions under saddle       

                                               ca.       15        p.m.     Airport Düsseldorf   


We have no raffle this year to finance the tour thats why we have to calculate in a different way
and the price depends on the number of participants. For the bus and gas we count around
€ 100 per Person. Two nights in a hotel and dinner everybody has to pay on his own.

Reliable numbers are undispensable for any organization and therefore we ask all interested
people to combine their registration with a transfer of € 50.

Kto: Bettina von Kameke IBAN DE54 2104 2076 0831 4916 00 BIC COBADEFFXXX


After reception of the payment the place is reserved. Please send you registration to:

FAX    +49-4351-45262    Email:

Whatsapp +49-171-85 94 274
























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